Welcome to SR Softco Ltd

SR Softco Ltd provides software solutions, IT services for business support, management and analysis services to its customers across the UK. The company have highly qualified support managers, business analysts, software engineers to provide computing related business services.

SR Softco was registered on the 27th of May 2014, with Companies House Cardiff and was allocated company number 09058854. Mr Sana Ur Raheem owns all the 100 shares of the company and will be the Director of the company. SR SOFTCO is registered at 22 BLAKEHILL AVENUE, BRADFORD, ENGLAND, BD2 3JT and is running from the office based at 114-116 MANNINGHAME LANE, FIRST FLOOR, THE ENTERPRISE HUB, BRADFORD, ENGLAND, BD8 7JF. It will run from this office until the need for a change of premise is realised.

The mission of the business is to provide and maintain core technology, applications and systems that enable its customers to conduct their businesses effectively.

  • Being Ethical
  • Providing Quality and Excellence in service
  • Leading Innovation and change in technology
  • Responsibility to its customers, locality and environment


SR SOFTCO will provide the following services:

  • Suggesting upcoming technology and market trends.
  • Website Hosting, design, development & maintenance.
  • Supervision of Installations, regular help & support.
  • Provision on eCommerce Consultancy Services.
  • Liaising with customer with regards to what they want and the needs of their business.
  • Evaluating business procedures and undertake feasibility studies for IT solutions.
  • Checking the network infrastructure and its performance

Business News

What we can help?

  • Marketing Strategy – the company will provide effective marketing strategy in order to attract customers.
  • Sales Booster– Sales grow techniques are the backbone of any eCommerce company and all online companies need dedicated services form motivated and well informed employees to succeed.
  • Profits – revenue after expenses and taxes. In order to make better profits the company will work with focus on targets so that you can get success in short time with less efforts.