About Us

SR Softco Ltd will provide IT related business analysis services to its customers across the UK. The company is currently a start-up business that has been set up by Mr Sana Ur Raheem who is a Business Analyst qualified to provide computing related business analysis. SR Softco was registered on the 27th of May 2014, with Companies House Cardiff and was allocated company number 09058854. Mr Sana Ur Raheem owns all the 100% shares of the company and is sole Director of the company. SR Softco is registered at 22 BLAKEHIL AVENUE, BRADFORD, ENGLAND, BD2 3JT. SR Softco is operating from the office at FIRST FLOOR, THE  ENTERPRISE HUB, 114-116 MANNINGHAM LANE, BRADFORD, WEST-YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND, BD8 7JF.


The mission of the business is to provide and maintain core technology, applications and systems that enable its customers to conduct their businesses effectively. SR Softco Ltd wants to provide user friendly IT solutions for its customers and at the same time be high tech and innovative in the services it provides. The company will aim to exceed its customers’ expectations and provide them with accurate information and advice. SR SOFTCO will persistently converse with, and learn from its customers, in order to keep its services tailored to the current customer needs and requirements. The company will also keep a watchful eye on guidelines and legislation that govern its business so as to ensure that the company is always working within the bounds of regulations set out by the governing bodies.

Kyes to Success

The things that will determine the success of the business are its:

  • Marketing Strategy – the company will need to employ an effective marketing strategy in order to attract customers.
  • Employees – Employees are the backbone of any company and all companies need motivated and well informed employees to succeed.
  • Profits – revenue after expenses and taxes. In order to make better profits the company will have to be diligent with its finances.
  • Customers – this will be the greatest asset of the business as this will be the resource that will provide revenue. Business sense advises that customers should be kept satisfied and where possible, retained for future business.


The values of SR SOFTCO are:

  • Being Ethical
  • Providing Quality and Excellence in service
  • Leading Innovation and change in technology
  • Responsibility to its customers, locality and environment